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I’m going to share my experience regarding insurance because if you’ve landed on this page, it’s because you’re looking for the best travel insurance for an upcoming getaway or a big trip you have in mind.

Why Travel Insured?

Discover the peace of mind that these travel insurances provide. Whether you’re planning a well-deserved vacation, a business trip, or an exciting adventure, our travel insurances are designed to protect you every step of the way. With this wide range of coverage, you can enjoy your travels without worrying about unexpected surprises.

Because traveling insured should always be an obligation, for a very small amount compared to the total cost of the trip, you can travel completely at ease in case of any unforeseen events. And don’t think you’re wasting money; the best thing that can happen is paying for it and not needing it, I assure you.

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However, if it’s needed at any time, it’s best to be well covered and study the details of the policy. For example, I usually travel with the basic policy, which covers medical expenses at the destination, which can sometimes be very expensive and is usually, at least for me, one of the biggest concerns.

So, to start, the most important thing is to be aware that traveling with good travel insurance is essential for peace of mind.

Let nothing spoil your trip!😉

What is the best travel insurance for the year 2024?

In addition, travel assistance services go beyond medical matters. If you experience a flight delay or cancellation, loss of luggage, or need legal advice, your insurance will help you in every situation. Whether you travel alone or in a group, our travel insurances adapt to your specific needs, providing you with the security and protection you deserve.

Price and Coverage Comparison of the Top 3

Among the various insurance companies, the ones I consider to offer the best travel insurances are as follows.

IATI Backpacker offers the highest coverage in adventure sports, while Top Trip (Mondo) is the most economical. Totaltraveler (InterMundial) is positioned in an intermediate point in terms of coverage and price.

Ultimately, the best travel insurance for you will depend on your specific needs and budget.

By way of a more concrete example, I’ve conducted a comparison, simulating on each of the insurers’ websites a 20-day trip to Thailand for a 30-year-old traveler from Spain. Taking into account coverage, price, traveler assistance in Spanish, and traveler insurance reviews.

I’ve selected the same dates on all websites and the cheapest insurance with both medical and travel coverage from each company, so prices may vary depending on the origin, destination, days, and chosen plan. Here are the top 6 travel insurances of 2023:

Get it directly from the links below that best suit your trip, with incredible discounts that you’ll benefit from just by being a reader of today and discover how our travel insurances can turn your dreams into reality. Travel with confidence, and let me take care of you!

Intermundial Insurance

Discover the confidence of traveling with Intermundial Insurance!

Intermundial is one of the leading companies in the travel insurance sector with extensive experience in the market. It offers insurance for all types of trips and is recognized for its comprehensive coverage, leading many travel bloggers to recommend it.

Intermundial Travel Insurance

Advantages of Choosing Intermundial

  • Experience and Trust: Endorsed by years of experience in the travel insurance market.
  • Extensive Coverage: Offers some of the most comprehensive coverage in the market for greater protection on your travels.
  • Interactive App: The Intermundial app allows you to access your policy, contact the 24-hour travel assistance service, request refunds, and check on an interactive map the restrictions and entry requirements for any country. It also includes telemedicine service, allowing you to have a video call with a doctor in less than 2 minutes and receive follow-up until you recover.

Best Travel Insurances from Intermundial

  1. Go Easy: Travel insurance for up to 90 days in Spain, Europe, and Mediterranean Rim countries. It includes COVID-19 coverage, medical guarantee up to €50,000, vehicle assistance, and coverage for over 30 sports activities. Additionally, for every Go | Easy traveler, the Intermundial Foundation will donate €1 to COVID-19 research.
  2. Totaltravelmini: Essential travel insurance to protect you on your journeys of up to 90 days, with extensive medical expense coverage extended up to €300,000.
  3. Totaltravel: One of the best value-for-money travel insurances designed for trips up to 90 days. It offers 8 travel insurances in 1, with medical expense coverage up to €1,000,000. Ideal for traveling to countries like the United States, Japan, Canada, and Southeast Asia.
  4. Totaltravel Premium: Intermundial’s best travel insurance for trips up to 90 days worldwide. With extensive medical expense coverage of €1,500,000 and many recently increased guarantees. Although its price is slightly higher than that of other companies, it offers one of the broadest and most extensive coverages in the market.
  5. Go Schengen / Go Schengen Plus: If you are a resident outside of Spain and are looking for travel insurance to countries like Japan or New Zealand, Intermundial offers Go Schengen Plus, with medical coverage of €500,000 and included cancellation guarantee of €5,000, covering various causes, including testing positive for Covid-19 or pregnancy complications. If you are looking for cheap travel insurance to travel to Europe, you can opt for Go Schengen, with assistance coverage of €30,000, repatriation, and medical transport.
  6. Totalsport: One of the best multi-sport travel insurances that protects you while practicing risky sports and other adventure activities. Additionally, as it has travel coverages, it covers your experience 100% worldwide.
  7. Totaltravel annual: Perfect for frequent travelers, this annual travel insurance covers trips of up to 60 days with extensive medical coverage of €2,500,000. It also has a family option, including one or two parents or a couple plus children under 18 at an advantageous price.
  8. Go | assistance: A solo assistance insurance covering trips outside of Europe for up to 31 days, with €500,000 in medical expenses, repatriation, early return, basic luggage coverage, and civil liability. It also includes COVID guarantee with health assistance and coverage of cancellation expenses for contracting Covid-19 and being unable to enjoy the trip.
Seguro Intermundial Ingles

Coverages and Limits of Intermundial Travel Insurances

  • Worldwide Coverage: Travel with peace of mind anywhere in the world.
  • 24-Hour International Medical Assistance: Always available medical attention.
  • Medical and Health Expenses: Up to €2,500,000 for your safety.
  • Repatriation: Up to €1,000,000 to ensure your return.
  • Lost Luggage: Up to €2,500 to protect your belongings.
  • Theft and Damage to Luggage: Up to €2,500 to take care of your belongings.
  • Early Return: Up to €1,000,000 to return home if needed.
  • Reimbursements for Transport Delay and Loss of Services: Up to €400 and €750 respectively for unforeseen events.
  • Family Displacement: Flights and Hotel up to €1,500 to protect your family.
  • Refundable Cancellation: Up to €6,000 to cancel for 37 different reasons, such as health problems, work-related issues, force majeure, documentation theft, etc.
  • Civil Liability: Up to €80,000 for your peace of mind.
  • Accident Compensation: Up to €50,000 to protect yourself in case of unforeseen events.

Discover everything that Intermundial Insurance has to offer and travel with total confidence. Whatever your destination and type of trip, Intermundial provides the best coverage for you to enjoy your adventures without worries. Contract your travel insurance with one of the leading insurers in the industry!

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Mondo Insurances

The best travel insurance of 2023, a sure choice to include in your trip. I’ll share its coverages, advantages, and the reasons why I trust Mondo Insurances as one of the best travel insurances.

First of all, it’s essential to assess the basic coverages, which are extensive and more than enough for any unforeseen event in any country worldwide. The typical example is the United States and its expensive private healthcare; without insurance, any mishap can ruin the best of trips.

Discover the incredible Mondo Insurances!

Mondo is a young company that has conquered the travel insurance market with strength and dynamism. As an insurance broker, they work with the best companies such as Arag, Axa, Zurich, ERV, and Europ Assistance, offering you the best protection for your adventures.

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Travel with total peace of mind and enjoy every adventure knowing that you’re protected by one of the best travel insurances in the market. With Mondo, you’ll be backed up at all times to experience unique moments in your favorite destinations. Don’t wait any longer and discover what Mondo has prepared for you!

Take advantage of Black Friday and get a 15% discount on your trip, available from November 20 to 27.

Seguros Mondo Black Friday

Advantages of Choosing Mondo

  • Free Travel Assistance APP: Manage your incidents with a 24/7 medical chat, free assistance calls over the internet, and incident handling. You’ll have constant support during your journey.
  • Perfect for Latin Americans: Mondo offers policies with the same coverage for Spaniards and Latin Americans, adapting to different rates based on your location.

Which Mondo Insurance Do You Need?

  1. Travel Insurance (Essential Trip / Tranquility Trip / Top Trip / Premium Trip): Choose the one that best suits your needs. From Essential Trip with €100,000 medical assistance to Premium Trip with €6,000,000 medical coverage. Additionally, the last two include protection for adventure activities and options for cruise insurance.
  2. Annual Multi-Trip Insurance: Cover all your trips, each lasting up to 90 days. Now with the Premium option, you’ll enjoy medical coverage of up to €3,000,000, Civil Liability of €50,000, protection against theft and damage to luggage, and more guarantees.
  3. Trip Cancellation Insurance: Don’t worry if your plans change. This insurance covers the cancellation expenses of your trip and the refund of unused holidays. It even covers situations like serious illness, accidents, or the death of the insured or close family member, among other causes.
  4. Long-Distance Travel Insurance: The ideal option for flexible travelers who can expand and renew coverage as their journey evolves. With very attractive renewal prices, this product is perfect for backpackers, students, or expatriates.

Coverages and Limits of Mondo Travel Insurance

  • Worldwide Coverage: Travel without worries, no matter where you are.
  • 24-Hour International Medical Assistance: Have medical assistance at any time.
  • Medical and Health Expenses: Up to €6,000,000 for total protection during your travels.
  • Repatriation: No limits for your safety.
  • Loss and Theft of Luggage: Up to €3,500 to recover quickly.
  • Early Return: If needed, you can return without complications.
  • Refunds for Transport Delay and Loss of Services: Up to €3,000 for unforeseen events.
  • Family Displacement: Flights and accommodation covered.
  • Refundable Cancellation: Up to €6,000 with 47 cancellation causes, including Covid-19.
  • Civil Liability: Protection of up to €60,000.
  • Accident Compensation: Up to €50,000 for your peace of mind.

Iati Insurance

Discover the confidence of seasoned travelers with Iati Insurance!

Since 1885, Iati has offered some of the best travel insurance and has become a leader in Spain in the online sale of travel insurance.

  • Global coverage: Their travel insurance covers any place on the planet, regardless of the origin or destination.
  • Perfect for residents in America: Iati offers insurance with the same coverage and prices for both Spanish citizens and citizens of America.
  • IATI Air Help: Exclusive service to claim compensation for flight delays/cancellations of up to €600, which you can add for only €5.95.

Iati Insurance Policies

Prices for 1-week insurance and medical coverage for each.

In this image, you can quickly check the medical coverage offered by Iati in its different insurances. It is a search already with a 5% discount applied. The example prices are for a one-week trip to any country in the world.

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IATI Discounts

If you purchase your insurance this week, you’ll take advantage of a 5% discount

Which Iati Insurance Do You Need?

  1. IATI Basic: An economical insurance for trips up to 30 days, with medical coverage of €50,000 that covers the essentials for your travels.
  2. IATI Standard: Offers quality intermediate coverage, with recently expanded medical expenses from €200,000 to €300,000, in addition to other complementary coverages such as repatriations and theft or damage to luggage.
  3. IATI Star: The most complete insurance with high coverages. Includes medical coverage of €1,000,000, especially designed for traveling to countries with high medical costs. In addition, you can extend the medical assistance guarantee up to €4,800,000 and adventure sports up to 5,000 meters. It also offers extensive protections for Covid-19, making it one of the best travel insurance policies during the pandemic.
  4. IATI Family: An ideal travel insurance for families traveling with children. It combines classic coverage with expanded medical assistance of up to €300,000 and other specific protections for the little ones, such as pediatric phone assistance, assisted repatriation, and elevated child liability.
  5. IATI Backpacker: One of the best travel insurance policies for those who practice adventure sports and love to explore the world freely. It combines medical coverage of up to €500,000 with protection for more than 60 sports and adventure activities, search and rescue. It even offers cancellation coverage of up to €2,000 for situations covered in the policy. It also includes rescue and salvage up to €15,000.
  6. IATI Annual Multitrip: Perfect for frequent travelers. Covers any trip for 12 months, with medical and adventure expenses of up to €300,000 for stays of up to 90 days. Option to include cancellation and discounts for families and groups.
  7. IATI Great Travelers: With the same coverage and discounts as the previous insurance, but with a duration of between 6 and 12 months, ideal for the great adventures of bloggers and experienced travelers.
  8. IATI Getaways: An insurance adapted to current times, perfect for getaways in Spain and Europe. Includes medical expenses with comprehensive Covid-19 coverage, hotel stay for quarantine, teleassistance, protection for road trips, and coverage for adventure sports and pet care.
  9. New IATI Premium Cancellation: A travel cancellation insurance that you can take out at any time and with which you will have the possibility to recover up to €6,000 in cancellation expenses. Includes cancellation for Covid-19 and various causes such as complications in pregnancy or loss of employment.
  10. IATI Camper: An innovative annual insurance to cover your motorhome or camper van, from third party to all risk, with coverage for adventure sports, medical assistance, pet and luggage protection, and the possibility of including camperization.

Coverages and Limits of Iati Travel Insurance

  • Worldwide Coverage: Travel with peace of mind anywhere in the world.
  • 24-Hour International Medical Assistance: Medical attention always available.
  • Medical and Sanitary Expenses: Up to €4,800,000 for your safety.
  • Repatriation: No limits to ensure your return.
  • Luggage Loss: Includes search, location, and shipment of lost luggage.
  • Theft and Damage to Luggage: Up to €2,500 to protect your belongings.
  • Early Return: Come back home if needed, hassle-free.
  • Refunds for Transport Delay and Loss of Services: Up to €300 for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Family Displacement: Up to €1,000 for flights and accommodation.
  • Refundable Cancellation: Up to €2,000, €5,000 in Iati Estrella, and up to €6,000 in cancellation insurance.
  • Civil Liability: Up to €60,000 for your peace of mind.
  • Accident Compensation: Up to €18,000 to protect you in case of unforeseen events.

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Travel without worries and enjoy every experience knowing that you have one of the best travel insurances on the market. Iati backs you up in your adventures so you can explore the world with total confidence. Don’t wait any longer and discover everything Iati has prepared for you and your unforgettable journeys.

Travel Card Insurance by Bnext  

Travel confidently with Bnext’s travel insurance!

Bnext Card

Bnext, the commission-free card for international payments, has launched a new feature that allows you to add companions to your travel insurance.

Now, you can travel with family or group members, with all insured, not just the Bnext cardholder.

If you haven’t heard about the best travel cards, don’t forget to read the post The 5 Best Cards for Traveling Abroad Without Commissions in 2023, and in this case, it also includes this insurance!

Coverages and services of Bnext card insurance:

  • 24-hour assistance instantly and in Spanish: If you have any issues or incidents during your trip, you can contact InterMundial 24/7 instantly and in Spanish for assistance and advice.
  • Medical expenses up to €200,000: With this coverage, you won’t have to worry about medical problems during your trip, as you are covered up to €200,000 in medical expenses.
  • Theft, loss, or damage to luggage: We understand how important your luggage is when you travel, so we help you manage unforeseen events such as theft, loss, or damage to luggage that is beyond your control.
  • Trip cancellation expenses (up to 40 causes): While we hope you enjoy your vacation without problems, we understand that unforeseen circumstances can sometimes force you to cancel your trip. Therefore, the insurance covers up to 40 causes of trip cancellation.
  • Compensation for flight loss: We know that missing a flight can be frustrating, but with this coverage, you will receive compensation to help mitigate any additional costs that may arise.
  • Civil liability up to €80,000: In everyday life, it is common to find ourselves in situations where, unintentionally, we cause damage to others. This coverage protects you up to €80,000 to respond to damages caused to third parties.

Travel without worries: With Bnext card insurance, you can enjoy your trip with complete peace of mind, knowing that you have 24-hour assistance in your language, extensive medical coverage, protection for your luggage, and civil liability, among other essential coverages to ensure nothing spoils your journey.

Direct hiring: If you don’t have the Bnext card yet, you can hire it directly in the post “Best Cards for Traveling Without Commissions” and access all the advantages of the card, including its travel insurance with the best coverages.

Don’t let any unforeseen events ruin your trip! Travel protected with Bnext travel insurance.😉

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