Bali Indonesia

From the land of smiles to the realm of wonders

Bali is an island in Indonesia known for its lush volcanic mountains, iconic rice terraces, beaches, and coral reefs. The island is home to religious sites, such as the Uluwatu Temple on a cliff. To the south, the coastal city of Kuta has vibrant bars, while Seminyak, Sanur, and Nusa Dua are popular tourist cities. The island is also famous for its retreats for yoga and meditation and its lush rice terraces.


Where is Bali?

Map drawing

Bali is a highly sought-after tourist destination due to its rich culture, incredible landscape, and high temperatures throughout the year.

There is a legend that the island of Bali is a turtle shell resting on the sea; well, this shell has nothing less than an extension of 5,636 km2 and has 3.5 million inhabitants, with its capital being Denpasar. The most well-known mountain is the active volcano Agung, the highest peak on the island at 3,142 meters in height.                                                   

The beautiful coral reefs have both natural and touristic importance, and no wonder, as it is a perfect place for snorkeling and scuba diving; in fact, a large part of Bali’s tourism is due to water sports.

Balinese water temple

Bali Tourist Map

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Interactive Layered Map where you can select only what you are interested in seeing or visiting in Bali by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner. All sections of the map will open, and you can remove those that do not interest you or leave only the ones you want to visualize at the moment.

  • Rice Terraces in Bali
  • Best Waterfalls in Bali
  • Best Temples and Gates to Visit in Bali
  • Markets in Bali for Your Shopping
  • Best Beaches in Bali

What Language is Spoken in Bali, Indonesia?

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The official language of Bali is Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia, although Balinese, a language of Malay and Polynesian origin, is also spoken. However, the majority understands English. In the main tourist points of Bali, there are people who speak other languages, such as German, Spanish, or French.

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Balinese Hinduism Religion

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The predominant religion on the Island of the Gods is Balinese Hinduism, unlike the rest of Indonesia, where the majority practices Islam.

Cousins Pandai Beach

Time Difference with Bali

24-hour Clock Drawing

The time difference between Bali, Indonesia, and Madrid, Spain, varies depending on the season due to daylight saving time. Below, I provide you with the standard time difference between Bali and Madrid:  In standard time (without daylight saving time):  Bali is 7 hours ahead of Madrid.

What is the currency in Bali, Indonesia?

Currency Exchange Drawing

The Balinese rupiah is the national currency (IDR). I recommend carrying around €90 in cash at all times in case of any issues with cards or the network. It’s better to pay with small bills since many times vendors may not have change for 50,000 IDR bills or higher.

It’s important to know that prices under 50Rp are very rare. This leads merchants, instead of giving change, to offer candies or similar substitutes.

Bali Restaurant

Pay with Fee-Free Cards in Bali

Credit Cards Drawing

In Bali, it’s common to be able to pay with cards in most tourist places, but some smaller establishments may only accept cash. Before making a purchase, check if they accept cards.

With Revolut Card, forget about those extra expenses, as the currency exchange fees that traditional bank cards usually have are around 3% to 4%, no joke!

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Rice Field

What is the Best Time to Travel to Bali?

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Bali has a temperature ranging from 20°C to 33°C (68°F to 91°F) throughout the year. Bali is divided into two seasons: the rainy season, which lasts from late October to April, and the dry season, from mid-April to September. Bali has two main seasons: the dry season and the wet season.

Dry Season (April to October)

  • Summer DrawingThis is generally considered the best time to visit Bali, as the weather is dry, sunny, and less humid. Temperatures are warm and pleasant, with daytime temperatures ranging from 27°C to 32°C (80°F – 90°F). It’s ideal for outdoor activities such as surfing, diving, hiking, and exploring nature.

Wet Season (November to March)

  • Weather DrawingDuring this time, Bali experiences frequent rain and high humidity. However, the rains are generally intense but brief, followed by sunny periods. Temperatures remain warm, with highs around 30°C (86°F). If you don’t mind occasional rain and want to avoid crowds, this could be a good time to visit Bali.

It’s important to note that the peak season in Bali is usually during the dry season, especially during the months of July and August, when there are more tourists, and accommodation prices may be higher. If you prefer to avoid crowds, consider traveling during the shoulder season (April, May, September, and October) when the weather is still pleasant, and there are fewer visitors.

The best deals are found during the monsoon season, although I advise you to travel during the dry season, especially in April, May, and late September, so you can avoid the rain and experience less humidity. Plus, you can enjoy some delicious mojitos like the ones we had.

Balinese Temple

The best time of year to travel to Bali depends on individual preferences, but I recommend traveling during the dry season. The period with less rainfall in Bali is from April to late September. However, traveling during the rainy season is not unreasonable either, as rain is usually sudden storms that only last a few hours.

Additionally, during these months, you can escape the large crowds and visit the island with much more tranquility. It’s worth mentioning that prices are less inflated during the wet season. Although if you travel during the monsoon season, you need to be particularly cautious about mosquitoes, whose population increases.

Bring a jacket just in case, as nighttime temperatures tend to drop significantly in some areas. If you travel to Bali during the rainy season, it’s better to bring flip-flops; don’t worry about an umbrella, you’ll find hundreds of them everywhere.

However, even though they may give a different impression to tourists, Balinese people are very religious. Therefore, in no temple or ceremony will you be allowed to enter with sandals or very exposed body parts. We have prepared a list of all the things to bring to Bali to help facilitate your trip preparation. You can also print the list by visiting the post ORGANIZE YOUR LUGGAGE.

Dinner in Jimbaran

What are the plugs like in Bali, Indonesia?

Plug Drawing

In most Bali resorts, the power is 230V. However, there are still many places that operate on 110V. That’s why we recommend bringing a transformer depending on the area. The plugs have two cylindrical pieces like in Europe.

  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Plugs: Type C / F

Plugs and power outlets

The plugs to use in Indonesia are Type C
Type F: Valid for Type C plugs
Type C: Valid for E and F plugs
The plugs to use in Indonesia are type F

The plugs to use in Indonesia are type C / F:

In Indonesia, the common voltage is 230 V, and the frequency is 50 Hz. The plugs and sockets are type C / F. In the following images, you can see the types of plugs and power outlets.

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What is healthcare like in Bali, Indonesia?

Nurse drawing

Vaccination is not mandatory to travel to Bali. People from South America and Africa must show that they have been vaccinated against yellow fever.

Mosquitoes: It is important to carry mosquito repellent with DEET. They can transmit dengue fever, especially during the rainy season, which could pose a serious health problem. Stomach and digestive problems may also occur. To avoid diarrhea, it’s better to drink bottled water and not tap water or water in hotels. In the case of ice, it often comes from filtered water, so if it has a uniform shape, it is quite safe.

Balinese temple

In areas like this wonderful restaurant, surrounded by water, mosquito protection should not be overlooked. It’s always essential to carry mosquito repellent in your backpack in these cases.

Type C: Valid for E and F plugs
Plugs to use in Indonesia are type F

The plugs to use in Indonesia are type C / F:

In Indonesia, the common voltage is 230 V. The frequency is 50 Hz. The plugs and sockets are type C / F. In the following images, you can see the types of plugs (pins and power outlets).

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Pura Taman Ayun Temple Bali Indonesia

What is Healthcare like in Bali, Indonesia?

Nurse Drawing

It is not mandatory to get vaccinated to travel to Bali. People coming from South America and Africa have to prove they have been vaccinated against yellow fever.

Mosquitoes are prevalent, so it’s important to carry mosquito repellent with DEET. They can transmit dengue fever, especially during the rainy season, posing a serious health risk. Stomach and digestive problems can also occur; to prevent diarrhea, it’s advisable to drink bottled water, never tap water or water from hotels. In the case of ice, it often comes from filtered water, so if it has a uniform shape, it’s generally safe.

Balinese Temple

In places like this wonderful restaurant, being surrounded by water, mosquito prevention should not be overlooked. It’s always essential to carry mosquito repellent in your backpack in such cases.

SEMINYAK/CANGGU: 2 to 3 days.

These are popular coastal areas with beautiful beaches, boutique shops, restaurants, and a lively nightlife. Here, you can relax on the beach, surf, enjoy local cuisine, and explore the markets.


Bali is filled with impressive temples such as Uluwatu Temple, Tanah Lot Temple, and Besakih Temple. You can also visit West Bali National Park, Munduk Waterfalls, or Mount Batur volcano.

GILI ISLANDS OR NUSA PENIDA: Additional 2 to 3 days.

If you want to take a trip to nearby islands. These islands offer paradise beaches, diving and snorkeling opportunities, and a more relaxed experience.

Remember, these are just general examples, and you can adapt the itinerary according to your interests and personal preferences. Also, consider the travel time between different locations, as traffic in Bali can be dense in some areas.

Balinese Restaurant bowls

Hire the Best Tours in Bali

Binoculars Drawing

It’s an ideal place to engage in a variety of activities as mentioned, and here you can hire them directly, hassle-free and at a good price, including Free Tours that are free of charge.

The best Tours in Bali. You can also hire door-to-door transportation as well as transportation from the airport to the hotel or final destination you need to reach.

Transportation: How to Get Around the Island of Bali?

If you enjoy adventure and want to explore Bali using public transportation, it’s important to know that the island has very limited public transportation, causing a time loss to travel from one place to another and preventing you from reaching all the sites you desire. If you want to visit temples like the one shown below, be sure to read the tips for moving around the island with ease.

The most comfortable, fast, and efficient way to get around Bali is private transportation, although I’ll also tell you about using public transport.

Public Buses


There are routes all over the island from the Denpasar Terminal Station; usually, public buses carry more people than they should and have no air conditioning, making the journey much longer than it seems. Also, they tend to make a lot of stops. Traveling by public transport in Bali can be a bit overwhelming, although it is more economical and a good experience to learn more about the life and culture of the islanders, I do not recommend it.

Mini Vans

Van Drawing

In Bali, there are also what Westerners understand as mini vans, locally known as Bemos. They offer services for short distances, usually between villages. They are also crowded and lack air conditioning, but the price is very affordable, although prices vary depending on the distance to travel.

Horse-Drawn Carts 

CartDokars were the traditional transport in Bali. They are usually used for urban transport and are not very expensive.

Boats and Ferries 

Boat DrawingFor visiting neighboring islands, you’ll have to travel by boat or ferry, but make sure to travel with accredited companies, as many of them are not registered, and accidents have been reported.

Car Rental with Driver

Car Drawing

This is undoubtedly the best option and the one I chose because the roads are not well-maintained, and during the rainy season, they can become impassable. Additionally, Balinese people do not adhere much to traffic signals, and sometimes it can be dangerous. Renting a car with a driver costs around 50 euros per day approximately. The price includes the driver’s hours, gasoline, and a guide.

Car Rental 

Car Drawing

The most comfortable way to get around Bali is by car; they usually offer jeep rentals or sedans. Something to consider is that to be able to drive in Bali, it is necessary to have an International Driving License obtained at the traffic office in your home country.

You’ll have to pay the corresponding fees, and then you can have the license for one year. The car rental company Rentcars is a market leader. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway to a nearby city or an epic road trip through an entire country.


Taxi dibujo

It’s also important to use taxis from recognized companies in the country and always request that the taximeter be activated, as there are many scammers posing as official taxis. The safest company is Blue Bird, which you can book from your hotel.

Exotic Fruits

How to Make a Phone Call in Bali

Smartphone Drawing

To make a call in Bali, follow these steps:

To call a number in Madrid from Bali: “00 + 34 + area code (if applicable) + phone number.” To call Bali from Madrid, you should dial the area code for Madrid, which is “91“.

  1. Dial the international exit code: “00”.
  2. Enter the destination country code, such as “34” for Spain.
  3. Optionally, dial the area code if necessary.
  4. Enter the complete phone number.

Remember to check the rates and conditions with your phone provider and consider the time zone differences.

SIM Card or E-SIM for Internet During Your Trip

Wifi Drawing

Wifi in Bali, in general, is quite good from my experience, as many cafes and hotels offer free internet. However, if you travel to an island or stay in a remote area of Bali, such as the northern part of the island, an eSIM card will be necessary.

I recommend checking out Holafly E-SIM Cards; they are virtual cards. You download a QR code, install it on your phone, and you can have internet from the moment you get off the plane and throughout your stay to make calls without cost and without surprises on your bill when you return from your vacation.

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Both physical and virtual, called E-SIM, and its activation is faster because you don’t have to wait for it to be sent to you by mail. Contract it in advance and make sure to stay connected on your trip!


Is it Safe to Travel to Bali?

Police Drawing

Bali is generally safe, but keep these security measures in mind:

  1. Take care of your belongings and do not leave them unattended.
  2. Avoid scams and deception.
  3. Use reliable and licensed transportation services.
  4. Inform yourself about health precautions and take measures to prevent illnesses.
  5. Exercise caution when swimming in the sea.
  6. Respect the local culture and beliefs.

Stay informed and follow the travel recommendations of your government. Enjoy your visit to Bali with caution.

Tanah Lot Temple

Get Your Travel Insurance 

Travel Insurance Drawing

It is highly recommended to get travel insurance when visiting Bali, and it’s best to confirm if the insurance covers medical evacuation. The quality of medical services is not very high, and for a serious health case, you may need evacuation to Singapore. However, in the southern part of Bali, you can find hospitals comparable to those in the West, although they often charge large sums of money to tourists when they seek emergency care.

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In case of need, we recommend visiting these hospitals:

  • Kuta Clinic – Jl. Raya Kuta 100X (Kuta) – Tel.(0361) 753268
  • BIMC, Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Kuta. Phone: (0361) 761 263
  • Sanur – Bali Hyatt Hotel (Sanur) Phone: (0361) 288271
  • Nusa Dua Medical Service Grand Hyatt Hotel Nusa Dua (0361) 772392
  • Sanglah Hospital, Jl. Kesehatan, Denpasar. Phone: (0361) 227 91

Balinese life and society are quite calm and safe, but it’s important to be careful in tourist areas, as there are cases of pickpocketing and theft. Never introduce or buy drugs on the island, as the penalties are very severe.


What to Eat in Bali? 

Food Drawing

Food in Bali is known for being delicious and diverse. Balinese cuisine combines local flavors with Indonesian and Asian influences, creating unique and flavorful dishes. Here are some highlights about food in Bali:

Nasi Goreng: One of Indonesia’s most famous dishes, nasi goreng is a fried rice dish with vegetables, chicken or shrimp, seasoned with spices and sauces.

Satay: Satay is a dish of grilled meat skewers, usually chicken or pork, served with a peanut sauce.

Babi Guling: This is a traditional Balinese dish consisting of whole roasted pig, stuffed with spices and herbs, and served with rice, vegetables, and spicy sauces.

Balinese food

Pepes Ikan: It is a dish of fish wrapped in banana leaves and steamed with a blend of spices and aromatic herbs.

Sate Lilit: A Balinese version of satay, sate lilit is made by mixing minced meat with a variety of spices and wrapping it around a sugarcane stick before grilling.

Lawar: A traditional Balinese salad made with minced meat, vegetables, spices, and pig blood. It is a unique combination of flavors and textures.

Mie Goreng: A dish of fried noodles with vegetables, meat, and a mix of sweet and savory sauces.

Balinese food

In addition to local dishes, you’ll find a wide variety of international culinary options in Bali, from Western-style restaurants to Japanese, Thai, and Italian food.

It’s also important to mention that Bali offers many vegetarian and vegan options, with specialized restaurants catering to these dietary preferences.

Don’t forget to try the fresh tropical fruits of Bali, such as mangosteen, pineapples, papayas, and mangoes, which are delicious and refreshing.

In summary, the food in Bali is diverse, flavorful, and offers a wide range of culinary choices for every taste. Enjoy exploring delicious Balinese cuisine during your visit!

Temple cousins

How much does it cost to eat in Bali, Indonesia?

Exchange money drawing

The cost of eating in Bali, Indonesia, can vary depending on the type of establishment and your preferences, but overall, it is very affordable compared to Spain.

In general, you can find inexpensive food options at street stalls and Warungs, which are local restaurants, where dishes usually cost around 20,000-50,000 Indonesian rupiahs. Approximately between €1.5 and €3.

If you prefer dining in Western-style restaurants, prices tend to be slightly higher, with meals ranging between 50,000-150,000 Indonesian rupiahs. Between €3 and €10 per dish.

High-end restaurants and tourist establishments may have higher prices, with dishes that can exceed 200,000 Indonesian rupiahs. Around €13.

It’s important to note that these are only approximate price ranges and can vary depending on the exact location, the popularity of the place, and the tourist season. Also, keep in mind that prices can change over time, so it’s advisable to check updated local sources or research before your trip for accurate information on food costs in Bali.

Sunset in Bali

Is it expensive to stay in Bali?

Hotel drawing

In general, Bali is a very affordable destination where Asian luxury is very accessible. On an independent trip to Bali, you can enjoy luxury hotels at a very reasonable price; for this, I recommend booking with, my go-to platform for booking accommodations that has never let me down.             

The best time of year to travel to Bali depends on individual preferences, but I recommend traveling during the dry season. The period with less rainfall in Bali extends from April to late September. However, traveling during the rainy season is not unreasonable either, as rainfall is usually sudden storms that only last for a few hours.

Additionally, during these months, you can escape the large crowds and visit the island with much more tranquility. It’s worth noting that prices are less inflated during the wet season. However, if you travel during the monsoon season, you’ll need to be especially careful with mosquitoes, whose population increases.

Primas en Bali

Holidays in Bali

Calendario dibujo

Tip: Check if your travel dates coincide with the Hindu New Year, Nyepi, as it involves total inactivity, and Bali completely shuts down for 24 hours. It is celebrated between March and April. Also, keep in mind that, within the intricate Balinese calendar, many festivities change dates every year.

  • Familia balinesaJanuary 1: Tahun Baru Masehi, New Year
  • February: Idul Adha, Muslim festival of sacrifice
  • February – March: Muharram, Islamic New Year
  • April: Hari Paskah, Good Friday
  • Variable date: Galungan day, ancestral spirits visit the Earth
  • Variable date: Kuningan day, Balinese bid farewell to the gods
  • April – May: Ascension of Jesus Christ
  • April – May: Hari Waisak, birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha
  • Variable date: Maulud Nabi Mohammed, birthday of Prophet Muhammad
  • Variable date: Ramadan
  • August 17: Hari Proklamasi Kemerdekaan, national independence
  • September: Isra Miraj Nabi Mohammed, Ascension of Prophet Muhammad
  • December 25: Hari Natal, Christmas Day
Reina balinesa

What to Wear in Bali, Indonesia?

Ropa dibujo

Bali is an island with a high level of humidity throughout the year, so we advise you to plan carefully the type of clothing you’ll pack in your suitcase before setting sail. Above all, it’s very important to use sunscreen and a hat, as the sun’s rays are very intense year-round.

We also recommend bringing a small first aid kit and mosquito repellent, as the island is full of these tiny bloodsuckers. Additionally, we advise you to wear very light and breathable clothing. It’s not necessary to wear formal clothes since, as a general rule, people dress casually in any kind of place. Shorts and a T-shirt, and you’ll be ready.

Bring a jacket just in case, as temperatures tend to drop quite a bit at night in some areas. If you travel to Bali during the rainy season, it’s better to bring flip-flops; don’t worry about an umbrella, you’ll find plenty of them everywhere.

However, despite the tourist appearance, Balinese people are very religious, so in no temple or ceremony will they allow you to enter with sandals or overly exposed body parts.

In order to facilitate the Organization of your Luggage,  you can print or view the list that you’ll find at this link, where you’ll find everything you need to take when you go on a trip. So you don’t forget anything!

Temple gates at Lempuyang Luhur

Balinese Markets

Puesto dibujo

Going shopping in Bali can be a real adventure, as the island is full of shops, markets, and workshops crowded with all kinds of items.

Here is a list of the four best markets in Bali, where you can buy everything you’re looking for, and also at very good prices!

Primas en Bali indonesia

Pasar Badung Market

The Pasar Badung Market is located in the island’s capital, Denpasar. This colorful market is the largest in Bali and offers thousands of local products and food. It’s worth shopping at Pasar Badung because it’s a place that allows you to experience the essence of Bali, with narrow passages full of people shopping in the small shops attached to each other.

Traditional Art Market in Ubud

As its name suggests, the Ubud Traditional Art Market still retains that traditional charm, with loud haggling from fruit and vegetable vendors and thousands of handcrafted pieces and dresses made in various neighboring villages. But beware! Like in all Balinese markets, there’s always someone trying to sell you a counterfeit under the pretext that it’s a traditional piece of the island.

Sukawati Market

The Sukawati Art Market is located in the Gianyar district, very close to Ubud, and is a market dedicated to the sale of art and all kinds of artisanal products. Sukawati Art Market consists of a two-story building that allows you to buy all kinds of costumes, carved figures, masks, and jewelry at a spectacular price.

Bedugul Market

The Bedugul Market is located in the beautiful village of Bedugul, situated in the mountainous region of central Bali, next to Lake Bratan. This small market is an explosion of colors due to the large number of shops selling fruits and vegetables. Bedugul is 1500 meters above sea level, which is why the market offers various spices and foods different from the rest of the island, such as strawberries, for example.

What to Buy in Bali?

shopping-bag picture

I recommend buying typical Balinese wood or bone carvings. These figures are of very good quality and usually represent humans or animals. The most specialized workshop in carving production is located in the city of Mas, very close to Ubud.

Another good option for buying a souvenir is Batik fabric, a typical piece of Balinese clothing that you can find in different designs and colors.

The sarong is also a typical gift purchased in Bali; it is a pareo that women use to enter temples. If you’re interested in buying any of these items, we recommend going to Seminyak, where you’ll find Biasa store, which sells fabrics of international reputation. Another excellent local fabric store is Adil, located east of Pasar Badung; this establishment has the best Balinese batiks.

If you like jewelry, the island of the gods is an ideal place to buy hundreds of them. Due to its artistic richness, the streets of Bali are home to many small stores where you can find all kinds of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made with seeds.

If you’re looking for silver or gold jewelry, we recommend going to licensed jewelers to avoid potential scams. However, with proper research, you may also come across magnificent designs at very reasonable prices in some local shops.

Tips for Shopping in Bali

Firstly, just like everywhere else, there will always be those who will try to scam you. If you have to buy an expensive product, it’s better to be cautious, as it’s common for them to present their offers as top-quality products when they may not be. The same applies to the sale of fake jewelry; in fact, many art markets in Kuta, Legian, Ubud, and Seminyak are filled with copies and trinkets that aren’t even local. The best way to avoid scams while shopping in Bali is to go to hotel shops or certified businesses to play it safe.

Secondly, you need to be aware of the use of bargaining in almost all shops in Bali, except for international chains. Therefore, when you go shopping on the island, never pay the first price they tell you, as it’s likely inflated. Also, I advise having a rough idea of the value of the product, and if the seller doesn’t budge, it’s best to leave; perhaps they’ll reconsider, it has happened to me.

However, never insist if the prices are fixed from the start. Although many people may not be accustomed to using this practice, it must be understood that it’s part of the country’s dynamics; haggle without fear and be aware that they will never sell you anything at a loss.

Which temples and gates to visit in Bali?

Buddhist temple drawing

For me, Bali is an incredibly diverse island! Here, you’ll experience the magic of its temples, the intense green of its rice fields, the majesty of its volcanoes, breathtaking sunset scenes, wild waterfalls, and the laid-back surfer vibe in Uluwatu.

Here, I detail all the plans you can make on the Island of the Gods so you don’t miss any corner of this wonderful and paradisiacal island…

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Excursión dibujo

If you’re planning your next getaway, I recommend GetYourGuide. The quality of experiences and the convenience they offer are unparalleled, I’ve always found options that fit my tastes and preferences.

Get ready for unforgettable adventures as you explore the world! ✈️🌍


Bali is known as the island of the gods, at every turn, you’ll find temples or ancient sacred gates. So, one of the essential plans is to visit its most famous temples and connect with Balinese Hinduism and its traditions.

Tanah Lot Temple

Templo budista dibujo

Pura Tanah Lot (Pura means temple in Balinese) is one of the most iconic places to visit during a trip to Bali. Its spectacular location, on a rocky islet surrounded by breaking waves, offers incredible views and arguably the best sunset on the island.

Playa Pandawa

The maritime temple of Tanah Lot is only 20 km from the capital. Due to heavy traffic on the roads, the car journey takes 45 minutes. Therefore, Denpasar is a good starting point to visit the temple. Tanah Lot is an hour’s drive from Ubud.

The temple, built in the early 16th century, is one of the holiest. For this reason, you can’t visit it in its entirety as they have private prayer spaces. However, you can walk across to the main temple, provided the tide is low, we were lucky and got to see it at low tide.

Templo de Tanah Lot ofrendas

Tanah Lot means “land in the sea” in Balinese. The temple is located about 20 km northwest of Denpasar, on a large rock that erosion caused by the sea has sculpted over millennia.

According to tradition, it was built in the 16th century by the priesthood founder, during his travels along the southern coast of Bali, he spotted the beautiful landscape of the rocky islet and rested there. Some fishermen spotted him and brought gifts. Nirartha spent the night on the islet and later spoke with the fishermen and told them to build a temple on the rock, as it made sense that it should be a sacred place for the worship of the sea gods by the Balinese.

Templo de Tanah Lot vistas

Ulun Danu Bratan Temple

Templo budista dibujo

On the shores of Lake Beratan, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is one of the most important in Bali. Built in the 17th century, it is dedicated to Dewi Danu, the goddess of water and lakes. In fact, Lake Bratan is one of the main sources of irrigation and drinking water on the island. For this reason, it is one of the most important and picturesque temples. Its reflection in the water makes it incredibly romantic. An unusual feature is the Buddhist stupa located to the left of the entrance to the first courtyard, reflecting the adoption of Buddhist beliefs by Balinese Hindus. We recommend arriving early in the morning, before tourist buses, and it’s precisely early in the morning when cool mist sometimes covers the lake and the mountains beyond. You can also rent a canoe and paddle across the lake to explore the meru (thatched-roof shrines) up close.

Ulun Danu Bratan Temple

Besakih Temple

Buddhist Temple Drawing

The Besakih complex, known as the “Mother Temple” of Bali, consists of 86 temples with over 1000 years of history. It is situated on the slope of the island’s highest mountain, Mount Agung, at an altitude of about 1000 meters.

Ulun Danu Bratan Temple towers

Surrounded by stunning landscapes, Besakih Temple is nestled among vast rice fields, mountains, hills, and streams. It represents the most important place of worship in Bali, hosting over 70 ceremonies or religious celebrations each year, attended by devout Hindus from across the island.

It is dedicated to a dragon god believed to dwell on a sacred mountain and miraculously survived the catastrophic volcanic eruption in 1963.

Balinese Temple Sonia

The majesty of its volcanoes: Indonesia is known as the land of fire due to the number of active volcanoes on its islands. So another essential plan is to trek to the summit of one of its volcanoes.

Here you can see the Batur volcano in the background as we jumped alongside our driver!

Batur volcano

Tirta Empul Temple

Buddhist Temple Drawing

This sacred spring is a very important place for the Balinese, who believe that the water flowing in the temple for over 1000 years has the power to heal and cleanse their souls. Located in the lush tropical jungle of central Bali, near Ubud, it is divided into three courtyards.

Tirta Empul Temple

The water is super fresh, making it a perfect excursion for hot days.

Tirta Empul Temple Sonia

At its central point is the pool, fed by water that emanates from various springs, where locals come to pray and immerse their heads.

It is possible to perform the cleansing ritual, as long as customs are respected.

You should enter the pool with a sarong and sash and follow the queue that passes by all the springs. There are changing rooms where you can change clothes.

Uluwatu Temple

Buddhist Temple Drawing

Located on the edge of an impressive cliff on the Bukit Peninsula, the Uluwatu Temple is another almost essential place to visit in Bali. A highly sacred space that has protected the islanders from evil spirits since 900 A.D. Its main attraction is its location: it sits about 70 meters high on the edge of a steep cliff, with the powerful waves of Uluwatu Beach crashing below. Sunsets are stunning, making it advisable to visit this place at sunset. Additionally, you can enjoy daily Kecak dance performances, as we’ll tell you more about below.

Kecak Dance

Arguably, of all traditional Balinese dances, Kecak is the most famous. The Kecak Dance involves a group of about twenty people dressed in black and white checkered cloth. The Kecak show at the Uluwatu Temple begins at sunset. Here, the spectacle becomes more dramatic with the colorful Uluwatu Temple sunset.

Uluwatu Cliffs

Buddhist Temple Drawing

The southern tip of Bali is characterized by a set of limestone cliffs. The Uluwatu Cliff, officially known as Karang Boma Cliff, stands at a height of 70 meters. It’s a fantastic spot to observe the sunset while the strong ocean waves crash against the rocks.

Uluwatu Cliffs

Lempuyang Luhur Temple

Buddhist Temple Drawing

The Lempuyang Temple is one of the oldest and most revered in Bali. The temple complex is located on the sacred Mount Lempuyang and is famous for photos of the “Gates of Heaven” that flood Instagram. We recommend arriving very early in the morning to avoid queues that form at the gates to take photos and enjoy the views. You can explore multiple levels of the complex, starting from the lower level and climbing the stairs to the upper level where the Gates of Heaven are. There are also various stone sculptures along the path leading to the temple.

Lempuyang Luhur Temple

Heaven’s Gate

Buddhist Temple Drawing

One of the most famous and Instagrammable gates in Bali is the one at Pura Lempuyang, known as the Gates of Heaven. It offers wonderful views of Mount Agung, and one of the best times to visit is at sunset.

However, the photo has a trick, as there is no water anywhere!

There’s a vendor who places a mirror beneath the camera’s lens to create the illusion of water. I’m letting you know so you don’t get surprised like I did. In fact, I was so disappointed that we didn’t want to wait in the over 3-hour queue for “the photo,” so we created an alternative as you can see. If you want the classic photo, though, I recommend arriving very early.

Gates of Heaven

Tirta Cangga Temple

Buddhist Temple Drawing

Tirta Gangga is an ancient royal palace located in the east of Bali, known for its water palace. The royal water garden was built in 1946 during the reign of the last rajah and underwent a series of restorations after the destructive volcanic ash rains from the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963.

Tirta Cangga Temple

Taman Tirta Gangga opens its doors every day from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm; it is best to visit in the early afternoon or directly in the morning, as it can quickly fill up with people, as many local school groups visit this historic and religious site.

Tirta Cangga Temple

The splendid royal water gardens owned by the royal family feature 1.2 hectares of pools. Additionally, it has ponds and fountains surrounded by carefully manicured gardens adorned with steps, ornate statues, and tropical gardens. Tirta Gangga is located in the village of Ababi, about 75 km east of Denpasar.

Tirta Canggaa Temple

The complex is a cool retreat in the eastern highlands, perched on the southeastern slope of the island’s highest mountain, Mount Agung. It also consists of tropical gardens, children’s pools, fish ponds, and fountains.

Water is considered sacred by the locals and is used during religious ceremonies, as well as a source of drinking water. At the lower level of the water source, there are two clear pools. One of them serves as a public pool, and visitors are welcome to swim here. The pools have a design that harks back to old times, consisting of sandstone and natural materials.

Goa Gajah, the Elephant Cave

Buddhist Temple Drawing

Goa Gajah, or the Elephant Cave, is located on the island of Bali, near Ubud. This temple is a monastery of archaeological attractions of Buddhist monks and Shivaite priests with a history that dates back over 1,000 years. This cave was included in the UNESCO World Heritage provisional list.

Goa Gajah, the Elephant Cave

Taman Ayun Temple

Buddhist Temple Drawing

The massive royal water temple Pura Taman Ayun, surrounded by a wide and elegant moat, was the main temple of the Mengwi kingdom. It is located in the Mengwi subdistrict in the Badung Regency, Bali. Taman Ayun Temple and its garden are serene places of enveloping calm.

Bali Hotel Pool

There is a 100 m2 pond on the south side of the complex filled with large goldfish and other large fish, swimming is prohibited. Two bridges connect the sides of the pond, which feature statues of mythical Balinese dragons adorned on the sides. Overall, it’s good to know about Tirta Gangga as it is a convenient stop along itineraries touring the eastern region of Bali.

Which Rice Terraces to Visit in Bali?

Rice Terraces Drawing

When you think of Bali, the first thing that comes to mind is its rice terraces and their characteristic greenery. They are a must-visit on your trip to the island; they will fascinate you!

Bali is an island especially fertile with volcanic soil, abundant water, and a warm climate that favors cultivation. As a result, rice and tropical fruits thrive. Additionally, farmers feel that there is a divine force that helps them, and every day they give thanks to the gods, such as Dewi Sri, who is the goddess of rice.

On the way to Tegallalang Rice Terraces, we came across this beautiful roadside restaurant, had a wonderful meal, and loved the music, the ambiance, the water it was built over, and the peace in the atmosphere. I’ll leave a video so you can see it in case you want to make a stop along the way.

Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Rice Fields Drawing

The Tegallalang rice terraces are, for me, one of the most beautiful landscapes on the island of Bali. Located 20 minutes north of Ubud, it is one of the most photogenic and visited destinations in Bali: the Tegallalang rice terraces, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, feature extensive and undulating layers of rice fields, nourished by an ancient and sophisticated irrigation system. The area can be explored independently by following various paths.

Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Above, a jungle of palm trees dominates the scene, adding an even greater sense of serenity to the place. When I visited, the rice was in various stages of growth: some parts were still very green, others were turning yellow, and some had already been harvested. For me, it is one of the must-visit places on an Indonesia itinerary.

You may encounter locals seeking donations or selling postcards along the most popular trail that cuts through the rice fields, and some request fees for entry and parking on the road. The most common practice is to leave 10,000 rupiahs, which is a fair amount considering that visitors walk through their fields, sometimes stepping where they shouldn’t.

Tegallalang is an incredibly popular attraction in Bali, so we recommend visiting the site early in the morning (tourist buses start arriving after 10), and you’ll also avoid the worst hours of sunlight. Bring water and sunscreen. Right at the entrance, next to the road, there are cafes with views of the terraces.

Sister in Rice Field

Hanging Nests in Bali

Here you’ll find the best Instagram spots in the world. The first stop on the tour is towards Bali Swing. A series of various swings of different heights, Bali Swing overlooks a lush valley of palm trees and the Agung River. Here, you’ll be truly immersed in the Balinese jungle. If you don’t want to take a swing ride, consider one of the “hanging nests” scattered around the grounds. Square between two huge palm trees, these nest-like structures serve as viewpoints for spectacular views and are perfect for envy-worthy photos.

Cousins in Hanging Nest

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Rice Fields Drawing

The meaning of Jatiluwih istruly marvelous.” It is precisely how this place is, a very pleasant corner to connect with nature while watching the rice fields.

Jatiluwih is an intensely green color that takes on different shades and is also surrounded by palm trees as if it were a movie-like landscape, hence why the visit leaves no one indifferent.

If you want to learn more about these rice fields and discover all the curiosities, you can hire a local guide. However, if you just want to admire the landscape and take a few photos, it’s better to go at your own pace and on your own.

Jatiluwih terraces

Practical Information about Jatiluwih Terraces

  • The entrance fee is 40,000 rupiahs
  • You can dine at nearby restaurants with views of the terraces
  • It doesn’t feel crowded with tourists as they are much larger than those in Tegallalang.
Sonia Arrozal

Tirta Gangga 

Rice Fields Drawing

Although they are in a quite touristy location (around the Tirta Gangga temple), it is true that they often go unnoticed by many visitors, either because they are taken to the next point of their tour or because in the rush to visit many places on the same day, they miss exploring the surroundings.

Temple Cousins

The truth is that these small rice terraces located in the east of Bali are a little oasis of tranquility. If you plan to visit this temple, we recommend taking a few minutes to explore the surrounding rice terraces.

What are the Best Waterfalls?

Waterfall Drawing

This is one of my favorite plans, as I am fascinated by waterfalls, and Bali’s waterfalls are truly breathtaking.

The best option is to rent a car with a driver or a motorcycle and go on a route visiting the best waterfalls on the island. Here are my favorites:

Sekumpul Waterfall

Waterfall Drawing

It is possibly the most impressive waterfall in all of Bali, Sekumpul Waterfall. This waterfall is located 18 kilometers southeast of Singaraja and 27 kilometers from the center of Lovina. To reach it, you must hike through a valley of wildlife and fruit plantations, including many slippery stairs and crossing one or two rivers.

There are seven waterfalls, the first ones are smaller, and then three very dramatic waterfalls, evenly spaced but with different heights, and finally, two more waterfalls to complete Sekumpul.

The beauty of this waterfall is enhanced by its location and the path you must take to reach it, a trail full of jungle and dense vegetation that will truly amaze you. It’s important to note that the path is somewhat challenging in some sections, so if you prefer, you can hire a guide. Despite the difficulty of the path, the reward is truly worth it.

There is a bracelet system! In fact, prices have increased considerably; it used to cost just over 40K IDR (€2.5) to see all the waterfalls. Now prices depend on what you want to visit.

Distance from Ubud: 60 kilometers, approximately 2 hours by motorcycle

Opening Hours: 6:00 AM – 18:00 PM

Price: Viewpoint access: 20,000 IDR (€1.25)

Viewpoint – Descent to Sekumpul Waterfall – Hidden Waterfall: 125,000 IDR (7.80)

Viewpoint – Descent to Sekumpul Waterfall – Hidden Waterfall – Fiji Waterfall 200,000 IDR (12.50€)

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Waterfall drawing

This waterfall flows over rocks and is accessed by a wooden path leading to a small pool surrounded by vegetation. This waterfall is special because its shape has steps that flow water from a height of about 15 meters.

The stepped formation prevents the falling water from creating too heavy a current. Kanto Lampo Waterfall is not like a typical waterfall that falls straight down; instead, the flowing water extends to one side quite rapidly, resembling a white curtain against black cliffs.


The water falling over the black rock cliffs with the green plant decor around creates a very beautiful and refreshing ambiance. Beneath Kanto Lampo Waterfall, there’s a pool that is neither too large nor too deep; here, you can swim or simply sit on the rocks while feeling the cool, clear, and clean water cascading over your body.

Distance from Ubud: It’s only 11 km from Ubud and is easily reachable and accessible.

Opening Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM from Monday to Sunday

Price: Viewpoint access: 20,000 IDR -(1.25€) per person

Tukad Cepung Waterfall (in a cave)

Waterfall drawing

Sunlit waterfall flowing through a cavernous opening, accessed via a jungle route. This small waterfall is different from all others. The main reason is that it’s inside a cave, and the water filters through the open circle at the top. The path to reach it is not very challenging; once again, it’s surrounded by stones and lush greenery.

Bali Waterfall

In this case, I recommend taking your time to reach it; the stones can be really slippery. It’s 15 meters high with a gentle water flow and is surrounded by high walls of the valleys. For photography enthusiasts, if you’re lucky (it’s challenging to know the exact time), the sun’s rays may align, entering through the top of the waterfall, giving you an incredible photo!

Distance from Ubud: 40 kilometers – 1 hour by motorbike

 Opening Hours: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM

 Price: 15,000 IDR (0.94€)

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

The name Tukad Cepung consists of two words, Tukad, meaning river, and Cepung, meaning the sound of water splashes. When the sky is cloudy, the atmosphere in the waterfall is a bit dark, but when the sun is clear, the atmosphere looks very exotic. The sunlight entering the cave creates a beautiful reflection of light, like a star falling from the sky.

To find Tukad Cepung Waterfall, visitors have to descend some stairs behind the village temple, then walk along a small river with very clear water where villagers often take a bath. Afterward, descend to the river valley with some stairs until reaching a shallow river.

After some time walking through the river valleys, passing through large sandstone, you finally reach the end of the valley. There, you can see a cave with a hidden waterfall that is very charming.

Nungnung Waterfall 

Waterfall drawing

This is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Bali, but reaching it comes with a “price to pay.” You have to descend almost 500 steps! But the worst part is not going down them…

But hey, we’ll tell you that the waterfall is truly amazing. When you finally reach the bottom, you’ll find a waterfall with a drop of approximately 70 meters.

Halfway between Ubud and Sekumpul Waterfall, we find another one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali. To get to NungNung, you’ll have to ride your motorbike through plenty of rice fields, which we assure you adds significant value to deciding to visit this waterfall. Getting to NungNung is really easy as the roads are in very good condition, and the signage to the parking lot is straightforward. You can find the location on the map above.

Distance from Ubud: 35 kilometers – 1 hour by motorbike

 Opening Hours: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM

 Price: 20,000 IDR (1.25€) + 2,000 IDR (0.12€) Parking

Taman Beji Griya Waterfall

Waterfall drawing

The Taman Beji Jeriya Waterfall is considered one of the most beautiful 12-meter waterfalls in Bali, and you reach it by walking through long paths in green forests, rocky valleys, and you can also sit under the flowing water. Nearby the waterfall, there is a spiritual relaxation center for those who would like to spend more than a day in this place.

Taman Beji Griya Waterfall

Distance from Ubud: 13 kilometers – 25 minutes

Jl. Mawar, Punggul, Kec. Abiansemal, Badung Regency,

Opening Hours: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Sacred Monkey Forest

The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is a natural reserve and a complex of Hindu temples in Ubud. This jungle sanctuary is home to a large number of long-tailed gray macaques.

Monkeys in Balinese temple

It is advisable to bring water in the hot months, but everything you carry, water, food, glasses, hats… must be under control because monkeys are curious and can steal anything from us without us noticing. Put everything in your backpack and don’t take it out carelessly except when you see that it won’t be a problem.

Tip: Never look monkeys directly in the eyes, if you do, you may run the risk of receiving a nice memory bite, so be careful, as it happened to us!

What should you do if a monkey bites you?

Go to the First Aid booth where the clinic staff will clean the bitten area with alcohol and provide antiseptic cream.

Do monkeys have any diseases?

The monkeys in the Bali Monkey Forest are healthy. The Ubud Monkey Forest is in cooperation with the Primate Research Center of Udayana University to monitor the monkeys’ health.

Has there been any case of rabies?

In 14 years of research, Dr. Agustin Fuentes of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame, USA, never found any case of rabies in any Bali monkey.

Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud

Although if you come across a friendly monkey like the one we encountered, it might even be willing to take a selfie with you, excellent! 🙂

Cute selfie

The Sacred Monkey Forest Temple is not just another tourist attraction or part of the locals’ spiritual life but also a place where an important research program on the social interaction of monkeys with each other and their environment is carried out.

The price is affordable, about 40,000 Indonesian Rupiahs (less than 3 euros). The Monkey Forest Bali is open to visitors from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm every day, and the ticket office closes at 5:30 pm.

The best time to visit the monkey forest is around 2:00 PM.

During this time period, most monkeys are feeding, allowing you to observe their less aggressive behavior.

The Ubud Monkey Forest boasts 3 temples within: the Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple, the Sacred Spring Temple, and the Prajapati Temple, in addition to hundreds of trees and various vegetation.

Excursion to the Monkey Forest, Rice Terraces, and Waterfall.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure through the fascinating landscapes of Ubud with this exclusive Private Excursion to the Monkey Forest, Rice Terraces, and Waterfalls. You can book it directly by clicking on this GETYOURGUIDE  link and secure your booking; you can cancel for free up to 24 hours before.

Monkey Temple

Romantic Seafood Dinner on Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran has become a culinary hub with its line of seaside restaurants serving seafood dishes.

The restaurants are right on the beach, offering a marine atmosphere with the sound of waves and the calls of seagulls. What’s more, you can dine while enjoying the beauty of the sunset.

Jimbaran Beach

The dim candlelight, accompanied by romantic songs from beachside performers, will make your dinner very romantic and memorable.

The fish and seafood are grilled naturally, barbecue-style, and served on the beach, with all tables facing the sea and adorned with a candle. The place is very romantic, but be cautious about prices as they are indicated by weight. Also, certain times at each restaurant, they organize traditional dances for entertainment.

Jimbaran Beach Seafood Feast
Jimbaran Beach at Night

Everything was delicious, fresh, and expertly grilled; we tried various types of seafood such as fish, lobster, squid, clams, crabs, and more served with local rice and vegetables, accompanied by the famous spicy Jimbaran sauce — you must try it!

To finish, you’ll find millions of hearts like this along the entire beach, where you can capture your visual documentation of the love you experience.

Surfing in Bali

Surf Drawing

As I mentioned, Bali is an island of contrasts and entirely comprehensive. If the north is wild and untouched nature, the south is the opposite — the most touristy and developed area of the island. What I liked most about the southern part of the island is its surfer atmosphere, its cliff-top beach bars, and the sunset over the sea.

Surfer Sunset

The southern part of the island is reminiscent of Australia, as many Australians vacation in Uluwatu, the best area in Bali for surfing.

The island of Bali is known for many reasons, and one of them is surfing. Every year, thousands of tourists from around the world flock to this remote destination to do what they love most: chase the big wave. In fact, the breaks in the Uluwatu area are ranked among the best in the world.

The favorite areas for surfers during the dry season are in the south and northwest coast of Nusa Lembongan, while during the wet season, we recommend taking your board to the eastern coastline. If you’re a beginner in this activity, we recommend the two best Balinese surf schools: Rip Curl School of Surf and Pro Surf School.

So, you can’t leave the island without trying some surfing. Not every day you get to surf in Bali!

Remember, if you’re going to swim, try not to position yourself in surfing-dedicated areas, and stay away from surfers as much as possible, as surfboards have a fin underneath that can be very dangerous. Pay attention to the indications of the lifeguards; they are responsible for warning bathers of possible dangers such as strong waves, shark migration, or concentration of jellyfish.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Bali

Diving drawing

Bali is an ideal place for activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving, as it has a vast marine life and extensive coral reefs, plus warm waters throughout the year.

Sonia diving

You will find it very easy to find diving companies that specialize in training and organizing dives throughout the island. However, always be sure to ask for the certificate from any company you approach; at a minimum, the guide should have the title of rescue diver.

The best areas in Bali for scuba diving and snorkeling are Gili Air, Pulau Menjangan, Gili Trawangan, Nusa Lembongan, and of course, Nusa Penida, the jewel of diving. Don’t miss the opportunity to see live thousands of parrotfish, moonfish, and even whales!

If you want more information about Where to Snorkel and Dive in Nusa Penida, visit this post, where you’ll find everything you need to not miss a single dive on this paradise island.

Rafting in Bali

Canoe drawing

If you want to practice a sport in Bali that involves a touch of adventure and fun, don’t hesitate to go rafting.

The island has different rivers where this activity can be done, the most popular being Ayung and Telagawaja, which also hide a beautiful natural landscape.

In Bali, you will find it very easy to find agencies that specialize in organizing these types of excursions, and they provide all the necessary equipment, transportation, health coverage, hygiene, and food. Prices usually range between 30 and 40 euros.

This is a great activity to do in Bali if you enjoy adventure and the natural environment. I recommend holding on tight because, as you can see in some areas, the adrenaline will skyrocket. Highly recommended if you want to have a fun time and live an unforgettable experience.

Finn’s Beach Club

The Finn’s Beach Club is an elegant meeting place located on Berawa Beach in Canggu. Situated right in front of the Berawa surf break, it’s a place to relax while soaking up the sun on comfortable single and double beds.

Finn's Restaurant

It has quickly become the preferred spot for tourists and locals alike. It’s a must-visit in Bali and the perfect place for a lively aperitif and where you can witness incredible sunsets in the best party atmosphere. For a preview, here’s a video.

Potato Head Beach Club

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy an afternoon lounging by the pool, sunbathing, and sipping on a drink or two with background music? Located on the prestigious stretch of Seminyak Beach, the Potato Head Beach Club is modernly designed as an amphitheater by the acclaimed architect Andra Matin.

Potato Head Beach Club

Trekking and Cycling Routes in Bali

Bicycle drawing

If you’re a sports enthusiast and eager to hike or cycle in Bali, you won’t have any problem as these are two highly sought-after activities in this exotic location.

If you fancy exploring the jungle or climbing a volcano, you need to know beforehand that you’ll need some preparation, as walking for a long time in Bali’s high temperatures can be challenging if you’re not accustomed to it.

There are countless Balinese companies that organize these types of activities; they usually accompany you with a local guide and provide you with food.

Elephant Activities

Elephant drawing

Elephant riding is an increasingly less popular and more criticized activity, as many of these animals have been enslaved and mistreated solely for human profit. For this reason, if you’re interested in this activity, we recommend visiting the Elephant Safari Park located an hour north of Ubud. This center shelters and cares for elephants that have been withdrawn from the cruel task of logging transportation.

Here, you can take a ride on the back of these beautiful mammals through various plantations of mango, coffee, watermelon, bamboo, and coconut. You’ll also see all kinds of wild species like monkeys and parrots.

Elephant Safari Park is also a hotel that allows you to stay and sleep for a few days very close to the animals.

Nusa Penida island

Spa in Bali

Spa Massage drawing

The island of Bali exudes spirituality from every pore. And what better place than this for a Balinese massage, relaxing in a spa, or doing Yoga? If you’re in the mood to pamper yourself and eliminate toxins from your body and soul, I recommend indulging in an activity at Sundari Day Spa, Taksu Spa, and Bali Botanica Day Spa.

Witness a Balinese Ceremony

Beach Bar Drawing

On the island of Bali, numerous religious festivals and celebrations take place.

If you wish to witness some of these incredible activities, we recommend traveling during the commemoration of Nyepi, the day when Balinese people choose to be completely inactive to convince evil spirits that the island is deserted. Another very important celebration is Galungan, representing the period when the gods decide to descend to Earth.

Balinese Ceremony

Arguably, of all the traditional Balinese dances, Kecak is the most famous. The Kecak Dance involves a group of about twenty people dressed in black and white checkered clothing.

The Kecak show at Uluwatu Temple starts at sunset. Here, the spectacle becomes more dramatic with the colorful sunset of the famous Uluwatu Temple.

Balinese Ceremony

On another occasion, for 10 days, children perform processions through all the villages, paying homage. Lastly, if you want to purgate your soul in the waters of the Indian Ocean alongside locals, you must attend during Kuningan festivities, when the people of Bali express gratitude to their gods and bid them farewell.

There are also other ways to experience Balinese spirituality: embark on a yoga retreat, spiritual cleansing, and more.

Typical Balinese Cuisine

Food Drawing

If I had to define Balinese cuisine with one word, it would be intensity. Their dishes are primarily based on fresh ginger, raw chilies, tamarind, palm sugar, and shrimp paste. This mix of multicultural flavors has made Balinese cuisine a great attraction for the palates of tourists.

I recommend stopping by the night market in the center of Gianyar, a 20-minute drive from Ubud. This market is said to have the best delicacies on the island.

I also recommend giving your appetite the chance to try authentic traditional Balinese cuisine. In the Kerobokan area, you’ll find the Warung Sulawesi restaurant, where you can taste a fresh Balinese dish in a warung style.

Also, try the succulent bowls typical of Bali; they are delicious, usually very healthy, and the presentation will not leave you indifferent, such as a salad served inside a coconut. Don’t forget to try the juices; they are delicious and full of flavor, so indulge yourself!

Cousins eating in Bali

What Are the Best Beaches in Bali?

In this interactive map, you will find the most important beaches in Bali, and below, I’ll tell you a little about each one.

Legian Beach

Island drawing

Legian is a well-known beach next to Kuta, and much quieter. Among other things, the tranquility of Legian is due to the lack of a noisy road along the shore. It is a small coast surrounded by shaded trees that invite peace and relaxation. As there are fewer tourists than on other beaches, Legian exudes calm from every pore.

Legian Beach

Here you can find very good facilities and several companies that offer the practice of any water sport. If you want to feel like a real Balinese, at 6:00 PM, sit on the sand to watch the sunset while enjoying a cold beer.

Pantai Pandawa Beach

Sanur Beach – the snorkeling beach in Bali

Island drawing

For snorkeling or scuba diving enthusiasts, without a doubt, Sanur Beach is one of the best to discover the underwater world in Bali. Located in the south of the island, Sanur Beach is characterized by being a long family beach covered with palm trees. In addition, the shore is protected by a large number of reefs full of marine animals.

If you intend to travel to Bali with children, Sanur Beach is a fantastic option, as it has calm waters and a silence that reigns 24 hours a day. This area has a large number of hotels that blend with the landscape. If you feel like doing an activity with the little ones, you can get on a glass-bottom boat so you can see the depths of the ocean while sailing peacefully. Another immensely interesting activity is the Bali Kite Festival, which takes place from May to September, just 2 kilometers from Sanur.

Padang Padang Beach

Island drawing

Padang Padang is considered one of the best beaches in Bali for its white sand and turquoise waters.

This beach means grass; it is called Padang Padang because when it was first discovered, the area towards the beach was full of thick grass.

Pantai Pandawa Beach

The beach, surrounded by high coral hills with white sand and clear water, is a perfect spot for sunbathing and swimming while enjoying the sunset view. This beach has also been used as a filming location, starring Julia Roberts in the movie titled “Eat, Pray, Love.”

Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach is located near the Uluwatu Temple, precisely in the village of Pecatu, south of Kuta, Bali. To reach the beach, you have to enter a cave and descend some stairs, where you will be amazed by the great beauty of this beach.

Padang Padang Beach

Seminyak Beach – Bali’s Luxury Beach

Island drawing

This has become one of Bali’s most luxurious coasts, as it is a long stretch of white sandy beach surrounded by luxury shops, glamorous restaurants, and sophisticated hotels. This beach is located in the south of Bali, and its sunsets are indescribable.

Seminyak Beach

A tip: if you want to feel like a true local, enjoy a cold beer while watching the sunset on a sunbed. Just make sure to buy it from one of the vendors offering drinks on the sand, as it will cost you less than half the price compared to a beach club.

Soka Beach

Island drawing

Soka Beach is quite small, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. It is a rocky beach with dark sand (which contrasts with Bali’s other beaches). This beach is very peaceful and is located northeast of Denpasar, in the same village where the ferry to Java Island departs.

Bingin Beach

Island drawing

Bingin Beach offers a landscape of cliffs, like the entire Ulu Watu area, and tons of white sand. This is another Balinese paradise that is challenging to access but comes with a rewarding payoff. Here, you will find several sophisticated accommodations along the shore. To reach Bingin, you have to drive for 1km on a road that starts from the paved road of Ulu Watu. Once there, you’ll need to pay for parking to be able to park.

Cousins on the Balinese beach

Batu Bolong Beach

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The Batu Bolong Beach is the most renowned area in Canggu and an ideal spot for surfing. Here, you’ll also find the impressive Buddhist complex of Pura Batumejan, housing a beautiful pagoda-style temple. Moreover, you can’t leave this place without trying its amazing coffee. We recommend visiting Monsieur Spoon and Betelnut Café.

Batu Bolong Beach

Balangan Beach

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Balangan Beach is tucked away on a trail just 6.5 kilometers from Cenggiling, the road leading to Ulu Watu’s beaches. Here, you’ll find a natural landscape filled with palm trees, miles of fine sand, and thousands of white umbrellas.

Balangan Beach

Surrounded by beautiful cliffs on the horizon, this beach offers peace and tranquility in simple guesthouses and cabins for overnight stays and meals. Many surfers come here to ride the waves and disconnect from everything. We chose to admire it from its cliff while having a snack with the best views, a sea full of surfers.

Sea at Uuwato Beach

Here’s a video where you can see the views from this restaurant and the numerous surfers in the sea at Uluwato Beach and its surfer atmosphere.

Double Six Beach

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This beach is located to the north of Legian and is known for its unstoppable activity throughout the day. There’s always people playing volleyball or football on the sand, and the bars near the shore tend to be full. If you feel like spending a few days in this area, you can stay at the new resort Double Six  that has a futuristic vibe.

Playa Double Six

Echo Beach

Isla dibujo

Located very close to Batu Bolong Beach in Canggu, the Echo Coast is a place highly appreciated by surfers. The waves reach up to two meters in height during high tide, making it unsuitable for swimmers. However, you can also go there to relax and observe the impressive spectacle of the surfers. A very trendy spot on this beach is The Beach House.

Where to Stay in Bali?

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The island of Bali is ready to welcome tourists from all over the world in any of its areas. You can find accommodations of all kinds. Currently, the impressive ‘villa hotels‘ are the trend on the island. Concentrated mainly in Kerobokan and Canggu, these villas are rentable houses of different sizes.

Most of them have a private garden, pool, air conditioning, kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. Additionally, it is often included in the price to have service personnel. There are villas at all price points, although many families decide to share the rental of the house to be able to opt for a villa with all kinds of luxuries.

Piscina hotel Bali

If you want to manage your reservation, I recommend that you book as I did through the website BOOKING.COM. I have always used this website and have not had any problems with them. The reasons that lead me to book with them are primarily pay later and free cancellation, look for accommodations with a score above 7 or 8, check the location with Google Maps, and the customer service is very good.

If you don’t want to travel to Bali in style, we recommend looking for accommodation in the most touristy areas, places that have all kinds of services and, most importantly, security. For the average tourist, it is advisable to stay in 3-star hotels or higher. You can find villas like the ones we found.

Some of the best areas to stay in Bali are Kuta, Jimbaran, Seminyak, and Ubud. Here are the details of the best areas to stay in Bali:

  1. Seminyak: Beautiful beaches and glamorous nightlife, luxury
  2. Ubud: Authentic, with places to explore inland, affordable
  3. Kuta: Youthful atmosphere, party and beach, easy access, and inexpensive
  4. Legian: Nightlife, quieter than Kuta, affordable prices
  5. Jimbaran: Couples, relaxed and luxurious tourism
  6. Nusa Dua: Resort-type accommodation
  7. Sanur: Tourism in a quiet area, affordable prices
  8. Denpasar: Accommodation in the capital, alternative and local tourism
Balinese temple

Instagram-Worthy Hotels in Bali

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As you have seen, there is a lot of variety in accommodations in Bali, from budget-friendly hostels with excellent services to amazing luxury hotels. In this post, I will focus on the hotels you’ve probably seen on Instagram in Bali.

I’m referring to those that you’ve likely seen on Instagram and instantly thought “I want to stay there!”. Get ready to discover the most beautiful, unique, and special hotels in Bali.

As you can probably imagine, the price of these hotels is not exactly cheap. However, I believe that if you’re finally going to travel to Bali, you should treat yourself to a stay at one of the most spectacular hotels on the island, even if it’s just for one night. It’s a whole experience!

Just be sure to book it as soon as possible because these hotels in Bali tend to fill up quickly.

hotel drawing

Hotel:Own Villa one of the best hotels in Canggu

This luxury resort is located very close to Canggu. You will be amazed once you’re in front of its spectacular bamboo houses, as their architecture is unique and special. The roofs are inspired by those of houses in northern Sumatra, giving the buildings that original and eye-catching appearance.


In addition, this resort is eco-friendly as it is built with recycled wood. The space is surrounded by nature and has a pool. They offer detox plans that include yoga, massages, spa, and healthy food.


hotel dibujo

Hotel: Aura House one of the most beautiful hotels in Bali

Aura House is another of the must-visit hotels in Bali. This villa is located 30 minutes south of Ubud along the Ayung River. It has 3 floors and is made of local bamboo.


It can accommodate 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children. It also has a small private pool. I see photos of this place, and I can’t help but wish to stay there even if it’s just for one night. It seems like such a beautiful and special place!

hotel drawing

Hotel: Four Seasons Resort at Sayanthe best hotel in Bali

Furthermore, it has a pool for all guests, a spa, gym, 4 restaurants, etc.
We are in front of one of the most luxurious hotels in Bali.

On its website, they describe the experience of staying here as follows: Float above the treetops on a spectacular suspension bridge and cross into a different world. Thanks to locally inspired experiences and rice bowl-shaped architecture facing the lush Ayung River valley, our resort brings you closer to the heart and soul of Bali. All villas have a private pool.


hotel drawing

Hotel: Veluvana Bali  bamboo house in Sidemen

It is located in Sidemen, a beautiful area of Bali full of nature. It stands out for being very rural and having views of the incredible Mount Agung. Veluvana has two bamboo houses, one for two people and another for four people.


If you dream of staying in a bamboo house lost among rice fields, this accommodation can be a great option for you. It is located in Sidemen, a beautiful area of Bali full of nature. It stands out for being very rural and having views of the incredible Mount Agung. Veluvana has two bamboo houses, one for two people and another for four people.


Both houses have a similar design, open spaces (including the bathroom), hammocks where you can lie down, glass windows… You can feel the light and fresh air flowing through every corner of your bamboo villa. If it gets too hot, you can cool off in the rainforest shower or in the pool, where you can also enjoy a floating breakfast.

hotel drawing

Hotel: Magic Hills Balione of the best hotels in Bali

As you may have noticed, bamboo houses are very popular accommodation in Bali. In my opinion, if you want to live a unique and unforgettable experience, they are a safe bet. One of the best bamboo villas in Bali is Magic Hills. This accommodation is located in Selat, a locality north of Sidemen. It is a very rural area surrounded by nature.


If you stay here, you can wake up to the singing of birds, appreciate a landscape full of rice fields, and savor the real Bali, away from traffic and major cities. It is the ideal place to disconnect and connect with your surroundings and company. The villa has a small private pool. Breakfast is included, and the floating breakfast does not have an additional cost.

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