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I am Sonia, a flight attendant by profession and a traveler at heart.

Hello to all the adventurous travelers who have landed in this corner full of adventures and discoveries! I am a passionate flight attendant who has found in the world of travel her escape to happiness and excitement.

For the past 24 years, I have turned travel into my way of life, exploring the world has become my greatest passion.

I love breaking away from routine and daring to try the unknown, discovering new places, cultures, people, feeling free, exploring scents and flavors, taking thousands of photos, and sharing it all with you on this blog.

Sonia aeropuerto Barajas

My commitment is to help you start dreaming about your next journey!

A multitude of countries in my retina, countless journeys behind me, and an endless number of getaways have given me a solid foundation in this field. My great curiosity to explore the world has taken me to wonderful places that I would like to share with you.

Sonia Iberia uniforme

Do you remember that feeling of nervousness and excitement before taking off to a new destination? That’s the spark that has ignited my heart for the past 24 years and has driven me to explore every corner of the planet.

Imagine breaking away from routine, letting yourself be carried away by the unknown, and spreading your wings towards freedom. That’s what traveling means to me—an unparalleled experience filled with scents, flavors, and memories that take your breath away.

Do you know what really makes my blog special? Here, you won’t find the typical boring and conventional guides. Instead, I want to take you by the hand and show you the world from a unique perspective, what I call the “Soul of a World Traveler.”

I will reveal all the secrets you wish you had known before organizing your trips. From tricks to save a few bucks to the most charming accommodations that will make you feel at home in the midst of the adventure.

And of course, what would a journey be without unforgettable experiences? Get ready for your eyes to widen as you witness a magical sunrise in some remote corner.

Sonia sierra

Imagine immersing yourself in the local gastronomy with that irresistible dish that will steal your heart, and let me tell you about that restaurant located inside an old airplane that will make you feel like you’re flying towards new horizons, anchored in the past.

And if you dare to delve deep into nature, I’ll take you to a lodge in the middle of the Amazon, where fishing for piranhas will become an epic and unforgettable experience.

But hold on! Don’t think I’ll leave you adrift to reach those remote destinations. I’ll provide interactive maps and all the tips to make your journey an unparalleled success.

Since I embarked on the journey as a “World Traveler,” each destination has been a unique challenge that has left an indelible mark on my soul. I’ve had the opportunity to explore a wide diversity of cultures, immerse myself in dreamlike natural settings, and share experiences with wonderful people from different parts of the planet.

Travel teaches us, enriches us, and changes us forever. I am eager to share my experiences and knowledge with you, so don’t delay any longer, and let’s start this adventure together.

Ready to take off into the unknown? ✈️☁️🌞

Sonia en Avión

I am a restless soul, a tireless dreamer who finds her greatest joy when boarding a plane and taking off into the unknown. Every time I purchase a ticket, I feel an indescribable excitement that blends with the anticipation of what is to come.

Traveling is my fuel, my source of happiness, and my escape to new horizons. Every destination I have dreamed of and finally conquered has gifted me extraordinary experiences that have enriched my life in ways I cannot put into words.

Landing in an unknown place is like opening an exciting book, full of pages to discover and chapters to write. And when the plane touches down, I feel that mix of excitement and butterflies in the stomach that only true travel enthusiasts understand.

From the window of this plane, it is a privilege to peer into this celestial spectacle that invites us to dream and makes us feel as if we are flying between the confines of the sky.

If you dream of soaring high and reaching those corners you long for, I invite you to be part of this travel community. Subscribe and let me be your guide on this fascinating journey around the globe! Together, we will discover that each dreamed destination is just the beginning of a new and extraordinary adventure. Welcome to a world of travel and fulfilled dreams!

Thank you for reading and being part of this travel community. Let’s take flight! 🌍✈️

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